UNRELEASED: The Cabbageheads - Anarchy and Punk Prevail Over the Dickheads EP (SPHC​-​66)

by SPHC Records

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Second 7" by the flagship band of current Detroit MI punk. If you enjoyed their first 7", you will most assuredly enjoy this as well. Better production, tighter musicianship, more mature songwriting, a clear refinement in execution while the style remains the same. Simple and primitive noise punk, fitting nicely with bands like Expose and Dislike, with all the enthusiasm, charm, recklessness, and musical ineptitude these crazy p0nx can muster. Like the first 7", recorded by SPHC Resident Noise Scientist Mike Walls.

cause the band broke up and never gave me any art or layout
such a bummer =(

This record brings strong feelings out for me and makes me question my quality as a label boss. We recorded this in early 2015 and over a year later there had been no progress with art/layout, not even conceptually.

Along the way I really started to question whether I should step in, as the label boss, and just sort out the art and layout on their behalf. Wes Samples offered to do everything, and that would have been perfect. I of course had my ideas of what it should look like (I really wanted to take the 'beach punx' angle farther).

But I decided I shouldn't interfere with their vision, that it's not my place to make fundamental decisions on their behalf in this regard....it'd be one thing if they'd said "well we want art like THIS" and then I could just go about accomplishing THIS for them. But without even a modicum of concept or direction, should I really just sort it all out for them, just to get the record done? How important is it to get the record done, at the expense of compromising their artistry? Even if I made great art/layout that everybody was happy with, if there's a chance of them doing it themselves in their own way, a chance of having a more honest representation of them, shouldn't I hold out for it?

And then the band just broke up towards the end of 2016, with everybody just kinda splintering into different directions in their lives. Really bums me out because I thought Cabbageheads had become the best noise punk band in the USA, and one of the best American punk bands of any micro-genre, with catchy songs, a compelling style, and absolutely out-of-control insane live shows. They just never really got a fair shake because they were young and from Detroit and they're too punk to be all over social media. I really wanted them to succeed, I had so many ideas for them, so many things I wanted to see happen for them, because I really believe in them as a band and as people.

So I just sat and twiddled my thumbs and figured it'd happen eventually, and then they broke up and now I don't think I will release this record at all, because does anybody really need a random 7" by a band that already broke up? I imagine the fans of this band in 2016 will be satisfied to just download the music.

So have at it. It would have been a GREAT record and it's a big regret of mine that this never got properly completed.


released June 11, 2015



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