UNRELEASED: Ruidos Absurdos collection EP (SPHC​-​11)

by SPHC Records

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Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1983-1985

A-side: 5 songs, 1983 rehearsal recordings: song titles unknown

B-side: 3 songs, 1984 tracks from Hardcore Brasiliasta comp tape on Lihotuontanto Records in Finland: "Pacifistas", "Gritando Por Ninguem", "Violencia Sem Razao"

So I just went ahead and uploaded it cause why not? I wanted people to hear it and I still do. I just don't want to release it.

In 2010, when Zach Howard was visiting me, we nerded out hard over these super obscure Brazilian hardcore demo tapes like Ruidos Absurdos, SP Caos, ETC, we ate that shit up and we still do. Zach happened to have recently received PARTICULARLY nice copies of these recordings that he'd received from *secret*. His copies sounded FAR nicer than ANY other copy of these recordings floating around on the internet at that time. It was kvlt and tr00 and elite as fuck, so my obvious reaction was: let's reissue it!!

So I set about contacting the band, worked out a deal to co-release it with an interested Brazilian label, and.....in the end....everybody just kinda stopped caring and I fell out of touch with them. Oh well.

And then as the years passed, I realized that SPHC isn't a reissue label. I became kinda unnerved (disgusted is a harsh word but that sort of feeling) with the way the punk scene, both labels and record-buying punks, really took this intense backwards-looking attitude, as if punk 20-30 years ago was some holy motherland that can never be reproduced and everything we do now is just worthless. Everybody wants to hear some forgotten "classic" and nobody cares about what's happening right NOW, in their lives, what's immediately relevant to them. I really don't like this attitude, because I live NOW, I exist NOW, my punk is NOW, and I love old bands of course, but I don't have the same relationship to bands and records and people, to punk, that was happening before I was born as I do to punk that's happening right now, punk that I live and participate in.

So I decided that I won't reissue things from old bands. Other labels can do that, it's not my vision and it's not my job. I probably could have gotten away with releasing this record, as everything is done for it, art, layout, music, I more or less had permission, everything.....but in the end I just decided I didn't want to.

But of course this record is AWESOME, a totally explosive and bombastic example of Brazilian hardcore brutality, a totally key piece of Brazilian hardcore history that is basically lost to time by lack of vinyl output and, really, a lack of meaningful recorded output in general. But the history of this band is quite fascinating and you would recognize the names of many of the people involved.

I decided the best middle course is to just upload it so everybody can enjoy it as they please. Enjoy!

UPDATE 2017:
Otto (Selfish, Kuolema, etc) told me he's going to release this 7". We can only hope!!!


released June 11, 2015



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