the Wankys​/​Lotus Fucker split 7" (SPHC​​-​5)

by SPHC Records

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One side: Elderly English gentlemen churn out three songs of systematically perfect Swankys-worship. Braindrill guitars and obnoxious vocals wailing the greatest lyrics ever penned by man. Two short/fast/loud ragers, their meanest songs yet, and one mid-paced ode to Princess Wanky, every noisenheimer's wet dream.

Other side: Record/mixed/mastered in one day at Charm City Art Space in Baltimore. A two song statement about the unity and continuity of our existence and the world around us. As we are parts of a larger whole, so are we wholes composed of multiple parts. Everything is interlinked, interdependent. There is no "begin" and "end"; it's all the same. The music is still one giant wall of fucked up noise and distortion, punky beats and rabid vocals, fits squarely into the "raw hardcore punk" category.....but more of an emphasis on dynamics and repetition than on the previous LP.

co-released with Katorga Works Records, released in 2010
1100 copies over 3 pressings
out of print

Another landmark record for me. If the Lotus Fucker LP got me into the game, this record is what we convinced me to marry the game. The Wankys/Lotus Fucker 2010 tour was a life-changing event for me. That was what made me want to run a record label and organize tours and MAKE PUNK HAPPEN. That tour gave me such elation and such confidence. Of course 5 years later that elation and confidence has all turned into stress and doubt. Just kidding. Sort of.

The Wankys side of this is my favorite material of theirs, along with the 8". I know Mark thinks these specific recordings are quite bad (and thus all these songs have been rerecorded and placed on other records, including the Knock One Out LP on SPHC) but they find the Wankys at their shortest, fastest, and loudest, so they fit nicely into my taste. This was before they adopted a somewhat more controlled and (dare I say) tuneful sound. While "Princess Wanky" is my favorite Wankys song (all true Lotus Fuckers know all the words and sing along every time), I am also particularly fond of "Fuckin Bankers", which is a RAGING tune but also has some of the absolute best lyrics that Mark's penned (tied for #1 with "Lucky Fucker" off the Knock One Out LP). Again, I think their material here really wipes the floor with our side.

If there's one thing I'm most proud of in regards to SPHC, it's that I've been so lucky as to befriend and work with bands like The Wankys, See You in Hell, Nekromantiker, Sete Star Sept, Inservibles, Nukkehammer, Globsters, Penis Geyser, Cabbageheads, Terveet Kadet, etc who really resonate with me on a deep level, bands that I really see eye-to-eye with in regards to DIY punk, who did and continue to serve as a source of inspiration for me. These guys really "get it" in my opinion, they are PUNK as I see it, they are true believers, radical heroes, etc, and that means a lot to me. I'm glad to count these people as my friends.

The most notable part of the Lotus Fucker side is that it's the first Wes Samples piece to adorn a record jacket. He's come a long way. One of the absolute best punk artists in the game, got his start right here, and I'm so glad that he's been able to grow with us over the years. Also Brad played all these songs totally wrong but you can't tell because the noise guitar know....really noisy.

Final notoriety, the first Katorga Works Records release, unleashing this trend-making juggernaut into the world. I was happy for Adam to get in the game, gave him my whole distro of the time (which was not very much) on consignment to jumpstart his mailorder, etc. And now look at that son of a bitch LOL. Good for him.


released December 7, 2014


tags: punk Baltimore


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