Sete Star Sept​/​Penis Geyser split 7" (SPHC​-​16)

by SPHC Records

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A special treat for all true grinders. It's a tremendous pleasure for me to release my two favorite grind bands on this planet on one split 7". It was fantastic to see them tour the US together and hopefully they'll do Japan together too.

Sete Star Sept is literally the best grind band I've ever seen live. For being just bass and drums, their recordings here sound massive, dense, claustrophobic. Wild arrangements hint at chaos yet they're too musically tight to just be randomized. This is how grindcore should sound to me: the destruction of music/art/everything. True professionals.

Penis Geyser's side was culled from tape recordings of this recent US tour. Again, the complete abandonment and destruction of musicality to express true feelings and energies. I love noisecore and these guys are reigning world champions.

released in 2012
500 copies over 1 pressing
out of print

Still totally love this record. Great versions of "Big Issue", "Spam Can", "Meltdown", all classic Sete Star Sept songs that are staples of their live set. This harkens back to a time before Sete Star Sept was totally focused on their mission of being "the most shit band ever" and when they still had a somewhat clean(er) sound. They were, and still are, simply untouchable. Well the only band that could come close is Penis Geyser. I still remember the first time I heard their side. I was shocked. WOW. What a mindfuck!! Off the charts. If you didn't notice, Lotus Fucker copped their style for our split with Sete Star Sept (although it's not like Penis Geyser invented the idea of cut up/spliced noisecore but whatever, they were the direct influence). Penis Geyser, also gods, also untouchable by their peers, simply the best. #1 fan right here. Both these bands mean a lot to me, being some of my closest friends and reminding me why it is I started releasing records anyway.


released December 3, 2014



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