Merciless Game - 5 Tracks flexi (SPHC​-​37​-​A)

by SPHC Records

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The final Merciless Game recordings, released as a very limited one-sided flexi for our Brazil tour in fall 2016. An expression of complete negativity and cynicism channeled through noise punk genre exercise. To be placed next to your Chaos Channel, Dust Noise, and Expose records.

co-released with Not Very Nice Records, released in 2016
250 copies over 1 pressing


Originally this was going to be a split 7" with The Cabbageheads. Their side is also uploaded.

This was a natural split to do. Two bands intimately intertwined in each other's lives, on a personal level and on a band level (touring together, did a split tape together, inspiring each other and propelling each other forward, etc).

Merciless Game side was recorded at Barclay with Mike Walls around....2012 I think it was? Can't remember exactly. Might have been 2011, might have been 2013. Our intention was to record a new 7" and this split 7". But we had a bit of an argument during the recording so we ended early and didn't complete all the recordings for the 7". Figured we'd try again at a later date.

The Cabbageheads side was recorded at the same time as their first 7", also with Mike Walls but at his house instead of mine.

So what happened? Like usual, I felt very little motivation or obligation to release my own band's recordings. Just always felt like it was more important to help everybody else, my own shit could wait. And then in 2013, Merciless Game broke up in a bit of a fireball, canceling on our USA tour with Nekromantiker and ending all discussions about going to Europe. Obviously the new 7" was never going to be finished, but I figured we'd at least put all the best songs (that were going to be the A-side of the 7") onto the split.

But then The Cabbageheads kinda decided they weren't really happy with their side, being basically "songs that didn't make the cut for the first EP", and wanted to retool their side a bit. And they never made any art or layout or anything (we had our side all done, mind you, see: the INCREDIBLE Wes Samples piece that was to be our side of the cover, was also a shirt design for a couple tours). At this point they are still playing some of these songs live but have mostly moved on as a band.

So, what happened was: we just lost momentum to get it released, I got busy with other releases and other label obligations, this took a spot on the backburner but even the backburner is fucking full now (Thieving Bastards EP, Fossil Fuel EP, etc etc). So. Doubt it'll ever see the light of day properly.

But hey, download and enjoy this fine would-be slab of noise punk that I am proud of.


released September 17, 2015



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